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虚拟办公室: 星衡特快

Kākoʻo is available online or in-person


If you're not able to come down to campus and you would like assistance, our online help desk is available to provide general support.

Help Desk hours is from 9 am to 7pm Monday to Thursday.

(The link below will redirect you to log into our Star Balance Kiosk)


Kākoʻo Peer Tutor Appointments

明星 Balance is our scheduler that connects you with academic counseling, 辅导, 以及其他支持服务. Students will be able to see available time slots and book appointments in 明星 Balance. Appointments take place in person at in 101房间 at the Library or via Zoom.

(The link below will redirect you to login to Star Balance Appointments)



If you would like to submit an essay or a paper to have a tutor review and provide comments, completely fill out the form and attach your assignment and essay.

A tutor will respond to your request or send back your paper with suggestions within 48 hours, 如果是周末,72小时也行. We accept, PDF, Google Docs, or Word files.

(The link below will redirect you to KualiForms and requires a UH 登录)


服务 & 资源

Find a learning resource or guide in our 服务 & 资源. 访问以下资源: 成功连接, Online Productivity, Math 资源, Writing 资源.

查看十大赌博平台排行榜的服务 & 资源

开始聪明: College Success Guide

开始聪明 provides strategies for succeeding in college courses. It 被分为 8节. You can do them in order or jump around and complete them at will. Each section has tips, videos, and 理解检查.


How to schedule an appointment with a Tutor

Tutors are available to meet with you in-person or online.

  1. 登录 通过 明星.夏威夷.edu/appointment/
  2. Select “辅导,技术 & Learning Centers” from the left navigation pane
  3. Select “十大赌博平台排行榜 Kako hao支持”
  4. 视图 the available time slots and select the time you would like to make an appointment.
  5. 完整的 the pop-up form with information about your 辅导 appointment.
  6. 检查 你的夏威夷.edu email for your appointment confirmation.

In-Person appointments will be in Library 101 at the 十大赌博平台排行榜 campus. Online appointments will be on Zoom.

Tutors Availability and Subject Areas